PURPOSE: St. Anne Catholic Church is committed to being a good steward of our facilities by
keeping them in well-maintained condition and using our facilities to conduct our mission of
supporting the Catholic faith.
The purpose of this document is to outline the requirements, procedures, and fees, where
applicable, for using the Father William Pentis Family Life Center for parish ministries, St. Anne
church and school events and activities.
POLICY: The use of St. Anne facilities is restricted to appropriate church and school-related
activities according to the following priority of use:

  1. Parish Liturgy and Worship (Masses, funeral receptions, etc.)
  2. Parish or School Religious Education (Faith Formation classes, meetings, youth
  3. St. Anne School events (includes athletics, arts)
    4. Official Parish Boards and Committees (Parish council, finance committee, etc.)
    5. Parish Ministry Groups (Altar server training, St. Martha’s, hispanic ministries,
    liturgical ministries)
    6. Unaffiliated Organizations (Knights of Columbus, Scouts, SVDP)
    7. Parishioner Requests (Wedding receptions, etc.)
    **Requests for numbers 4-7 above will be reviewed every 3 months.
    Scheduling is subject to parking lot restrictions. St. Anne Church reserves the right to refuse the
    use of the facilities to any person or organization and to evict any person for misconduct or
    other reasons in the best interest of the church and school.

I. All space use requests must be submitted online.


II. All persons and groups who use St. Anne facilities are responsible for the following:
1. Minors (under the age of 18) must be supervised at all times by a parent or another
adult who has been screened and approved by the Diocese of Charleston Safe
Environment guidelines prior to the event.
2. Meeting rooms are furnished to allow optimal use and are designed to meet maximum
occupancy requirements. Use only the furniture in your reserved meeting space. Do not
take furniture from other rooms.
3. Tables and chairs rearranged by the group are to be put back in the original
4. Events are limited to the reservation time period and assigned meeting space.
5. Emergency Contact: In the event a situation arises in which the safety of event
attendees or the facility is jeopardized, please call 911.
6. Notify the Parish Office or Building Monitor immediately of any damage that occurs
while using the facility.
7. Facilities must be left clean and orderly. All surfaces must be clean and free of food and
spills, including the floors. Please contact the Building Monitor for assistance.
8. If a space is left in poor condition, occupants will be contacted and may be charged a
cleaning fee at the discretion of the Pastor ($250). Repeated offenses may result in
restricted future use of the building.
9. As part of the approval process, the group leader must read and agree to parish policies.
10. Before your reservation request can be submitted, you must read and agree to the
terms and policies outlined in the next section.
11. Decorations may be desired to help with the theme of events; however, certain
restrictions apply:
The following are prohibited: nails, screws, staples or push pins; open flames,
including candles; double sided tape; removable adhesive hooks; items hanging
from the stage curtains.
Only the following are allowed: painters tape only; Fun-Tak and Sticky Tack are


III. Internal Activity Request Policies and Procedures
1. The Church calendar is only available to the School and Church Scheduler, and Pastor. It
will serve as the official calendar for all activity requests for the church and the school.
2. When an activity request is submitted, the Church and/or School Administration will
approve or deny the request based on availability and according to the priority list of
3. Activities will be approved or denied within two business days.
4. The space will not be guaranteed until an activity request has been submitted and
5. Entry into the school building will be managed by St. Anne personnel on weekdays until
4:00 pm. After 4:00 pm and on the weekends, a Building Monitor will manage entry.
6. On Sunday mornings and early afternoons, no large groups may be scheduled before
2:00 pm, with the exception of scheduled Sunday School or Youth Ministry events. On
certain dates scheduling in the facility will not be available i.e., Ash Wednesday, Palm
Sunday, Triduum, Easter Sunday, Christmas, etc.
7. Events during large student gatherings are limited to smaller groups with a defined
roster. I.e., no admittance to the general public.
8. After submitting the activity request form, you will receive an auto-reply message
acknowledging the form has been received and is in queue to be reviewed. Once the
request is reviewed, you will receive another email within two business days advising
whether or not the reservation is approved or added to the calendar. If a requested
facility is unavailable, you may be asked to choose another date.
9. Only the Pastor may cancel an event.

St. Anne Catholic Church reserves the right to revoke facility privileges as circumstances
warrant. Additional information regarding specific policies and procedures for events will be
provided by the Church office.

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